Mountainous relief, closeness to the sea, good climate and picturesque landscape, natural caves create recreational resources and healthy and leisure conditions that attract travelers.

There are 103 resorts, 182 places for developing resorts in Georgia.

Development of resorts started in the first half of the 19 th century. Starting from Borjomi and Abastumani, later in the end of 19 th century, the black seaside resorts were developed. Sukhumi was recognized as a climatic resort with high medical characteristics; Gagra was also developed as a resort and many boarding houses and seaside cottages in Adjara (Kobuleti, Makhinjauri, and Tsikhisdziri) were built. Most resorts are located in the coastal and mountainous regions at present.


The mountain zone is distinguished by its beautiful landscapes, healthy climate and clean air. Particularly favourable climatic conditions are found in lower (500-1000 m above sea level) and medium mountain (1000 – 2000 m above sea level) zones, where the majority of mountain climatic and balneological resorts are concentrated.

At 700 m above the sea level one can find the resorts of Nabeghlavi, Zvare, Nunisi, Tkhvarcheli, etc.;

the famous balneological resorts Borjomi, Sairme, Utsera, Surami are located at 700-1000 m above the sea level, and mountain resorts such as Abastumani, Tsageri, Tsemi, Java, Kojori, Kiketi and Manglisi are at the height of 1000-1500 m above sea level. Bakuriani is a medium mountain resort in the east of Georgia . In the resorts located in mountainous zone the following diseases are successfully healed: pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, anemia, several forms of cardiovascular diseases, neuroses, etc.


The Black Sea coast with its wonderful climatic conditions is another important zone for resorts. In this zone there are basically climatic resorts – Gagra, Pitsunda New Afoni, Gudauta, Sokhumi, Batumi , Kobuleti, Makhinjauri, Green Cape , Ureki etc. Here the climate is humid and subtropical, with mild winters and long hot summers. The bathing season lasts 5-6 months.


There are over 2400 mineral springs in Georgia . The richness and variety of mineral waters gives the patients possibility for treatment of many diseases, including cardiovascular, nervous, gynecological and endocrinal disorders.


Carbonated mineral springs are most wide spread. These waters are basically used for treatment of various digestive disorders. The most famous are: Borjomi, Shovi, Utsera, Muashi, Nabeghlavi, Sairme, etc.


Sulfur waters also have highly therapeutic character and are used for treatment of joints, skin, and female disorders. These waters are used in the following resorts: Tskhaltubo, Tbilisi , Nunisi, Tkvarcheli, Gagra, Sukhumi , Makhinjauri, Zekari, and Aspindza.


Medical mud is another technique used in Georgian resorts. The resort Akhtala operates on the basis of pseudo volcanic mud of Akhtala knoll, and Tbilisi balneological resort uses mud from Lake Kumisi . Mud is used for treatment of: organs of support and motion, peripheral nervous system and female disorders.


There are over 394 sanatoriums and resort institutions in Georgia . While many of these are in disrepair, several resorts are equipped with modern amenities such as cottages, small bathrooms and changing areas