Town transport:

Large cities are served by public transport – buses, minibuses and taxis. In addition, the capital is served by subway. There are 3 lines and 22 stations in the subway, which connects almost every part of the city. The subway is the fastest and the most comfortable transportation mean. The subway ticket costs 40 Tetri (0.4 gel). Regular big buses cost 40 Tetri, minibus – 80 Tetri. The handiest means of transport is a taxi which is the only one from the public transports available for 24 hours. Taxi can be stopped at any place of the city, ordering its service by phone is also possible. 


Motor transport:

The motor highways connect Georgia and Russia in the north (through the Abkhazian coast) via the Caucasian range tunnel to Ossetia and via Georgian military highway running through the Dariali gorge and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the south. Buses regularly run from Tbilisi to regional centers of Georgia as well as to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Greece.

Traveler can enter Georgia via the following checkpoints:

Sarpi on Turkey – Georgia border

Lagodekhi on Azerbaijan – Georgia border

Sadakhlo on Armenia – Georgia border

Lrsi on Russian- Georgia Border

There are 4 central bus stations in different part of Tbilisi. Buses to all directions go from these stations and linking all parts of Georgia.

The cost of ticket depends on the length of the way.



The main line of the Trans-Caucasian railway connects two railway branches - from Baku (Azerbaijan) and from Yerevan (Armenia) on the Georgian territory. The main line stretches in the direction of Russia through the territory of Georgia, along the Black sea coastline. Currently the line is blocked due to the conflict in Abkhazia and mainly serves domestic purposes, i.e. the transportation of cargo within the country territory as well as from the Batumi port to different parts of Georgia and other Caucasian countries. The biggest railway station is in Tbilisi. It is situated in the center of the city, on Tamar Mephis Ave., next to the market. In front of train station, there is minibus and trolley bus station connecting with every spot of the city.


Newly launched railway station “Airport” is the cheapest and the easiest mean of transportation as it connects Tbilisi central railway station with the airport. It is located 70 meters away from the airport building.
The passengers by means of the new station trains get to the airport in 20 minutes. The fare is 2 GEL.